ABOUT USAutomation Engineering Co., Ltd. Qingdao Yijie US Department AJ AUTOMATION INC. Investment in the country's industrial product line established sales and service company, AJ AUTOMATION INC. Is located in Lansing, Mich., Company founded in 2010, after five years of development, in North America, the establishment of a complete marketing and procurement networks, and industrial automation companies in the industry have established a good relationship of cooperation, in order to better service, AJ AUTOMATION INC. was established in 2013 in China's industrial businesses automation Engineering Co., Qingdao Yijie the company, in charge of domestic sales of industrial products, and the industry's original HTF (HARD TO FIND) service, you can simply submit online the desired product nameplate information and contact, immediately you have a sales consultant with ONE-FOR-ONE's technical services, so you get the product at the first time feedback to solve difficult industry products difficult queries confusion, committed to improving the industrial customer product experience, Qingdao Yijie automation Co., Ltd. is committed to being an integral part of your work partner .


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